Commit 45577945 authored by Colin Shea's avatar Colin Shea

TXT handling: Yell about >255 characters

This can be fixed by splitting it up into multiple quoted strings
surrounded by parentheses, but I don't feel like adding that complexity
just yet.
parent c49cf6b1
......@@ -137,7 +137,8 @@ class Zone
ttl = extract_ttl! args
text = args.pop.to_s.strip
name = args.pop || '@'
text = "\"#{text}\"" if text =~ /\s/
text = "\"#{text}\"" if text !~ /^".*"$/
raise ArgumentError, 'TXT record too long, max length is 255' if text.length > 257
push :txt, name, ttl, text: text
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