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CI and CD resume notes.

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......@@ -94,11 +94,12 @@ jobs:
Automation for an AWS based infrastructure with heavy integration of RedHat management technologies, supporting a hybrid Spring Boot, Tomcat and node.js platform.
- Ansible used to provision, deploy, and configure every server, and every service.
- Created, from scratch, new production alike environments for clients and contracters
- Created, from scratch, new production alike environments for clients and contractors
- Managed security policies and handled incoming reports.
- Deployed Prometheus for monitoring, Logstash for centralized logging, LYNIS and OpenSCAP for auditing, Spacewalk for patch management, FreeIPA for AAA
- Developed internal tooling with Go, Ruby and Python to automate deployment and management
- Used Docker to create reusable containers across production, testing, and testing environments
- Jenkins used for continuous integration of Java, Node.js and Ansible code. Continuous deployment via RPM packages.
- title: System Administrator
company: Internet Security Research Group
......@@ -113,6 +114,7 @@ jobs:
- Developed custom saltstack formulas for a variety of standard management tools within the high trust network.
- Worked with the developers of [boulder]( in Go and [certbot]( in Python to help automate the creation of over 5 million TLS certificates, creating one of the largest certificate authorities in the world
- Investigated Docker for hosting boulder in production and development environments
- Continuous integration of application code using Travis CI with continuous deployment via RPM packages.
- title: Lead System Administrator
company: The Evogi Group
......@@ -131,6 +133,7 @@ jobs:
- Set up Nagios, Icinga, Shiken and ELK stacks to monitor components of the network
- Helped administrate multiple MySQL databases with terabytes of data
- Maintained patches against upstream gems and cookbooks to use internally developed libraries
- Set up TeamCity for continuous integration with Rails initiated by Github webhooks
- title: System Administrator
company: Cummings Engineering Consultants
......@@ -145,6 +148,7 @@ jobs:
- Located and decided on international targets across all continents to expand the network to fulfill ultra-low latency demands
- Managed the internal git, Gerrit code review, NAS, and Jenkins CI servers
- Managed PostgreSQL, MySQL and MongoDB databases in high security networks
- Ran the test suite for both Java and Puppet code in Jenkins with Gerrit hooks
- title: Intern
company: University of Advancing Technology
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