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point netlify to the correct branch

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name: gitlab
repo: evaryont/website # Path to your GitLab repository
repo: evaryont/website
branch: source
auth_type: implicit # Required for implicit grant
app_id: 8645446e53ff641ea804b997743971895aa7b13f0a0d9309d80ccda073264440 # Application ID from your GitLab settings
app_id: 8645446e53ff641ea804b997743971895aa7b13f0a0d9309d80ccda073264440
auth_endpoint: oauth/authorize
create: 'New {{collection}}: {{slug}}'
update: 'Update {{collection}} "{{slug}}"'
delete: 'Delete "{{slug}}"'
uploadMedia: 'Upload "{{path}}"'
deleteMedia: 'Delete "{{path}}"'
media_folder: "source/assets/images/uploads" # Folder where user uploaded files should go
public_folder: "/images/uploads" # CMS now knows 'source' is the public folder and will strip this from the path
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