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sitemap.xml file for my website

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......@@ -62,6 +62,8 @@ page '/blog/*', layout: 'post'
page '/projects/*', layout: 'project'
page '/resume.html', layout: false
proxy '/.well-known/sitemap.xml', '/sitemap.xml'
activate :syntax #, :line_numbers => true
# Use Kramdown for parsing Markdown. Midleman-Syntax includes support!
layout: false
xml.instruct! 'xml-stylesheet', {:href=>'/sitemap.xsl', :type=>'text/xsl'}
xml.urlset "xmlns" => "" do
sitemap.resources.each do |resource|
xml.url do
xml.loc URI.join(, resource.url)
xml.lastmod File.mtime(resource.source_file).iso8601
xml.changefreq || "monthly"
xml.priority || (resource.blog_controller ? '0.9' : '0.5')
end if resource.url =~ /(\/|\.html?)$/
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